The Globalist is a publication that brings together the international / diplomatic community in this country while highlighting prominent Malaysian and Malaysian companies that have an international outlook. The aim is to provide link between an international audience and our home grown achievers. This is most timely as Malaysia has made a name for itself in regional and international affairs and is seen as an excellent place for investment. The Globalist has an international readership as some 3000 copies are sent to all Malaysian Diplomatic Missions overseas via the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Likewise, every foreign embassy or Mission in Malaysia receives a complimentary copy. Further, all government Minister and Ministries, agencies and departments are on the mailing list. Even major hotel chains subscribe to the publication. The Globalist has very selective Editorial Content that is aimed primarily at providing insights to Malaysian events, personalities, major achievements in sports, arts, culture and the sciences. Major Malaysian companies and exporters are also provided with editorial coverage. The publication also provides in depth coverage of major international events and draws on a wide range of writers and contributors with knowledge and understanding of the issues. The Globalist aims to project Malaysia is a way that the international community will appreciate our political political system, our cultural heritage, our ethnic togetherness and the way of life that is truly Malaysian. This is achieved by way of explaining the traditional arts and craft, the dances, music and song, the rich architecture and the typical way of life of our people. Malaysia is known as a country with many races and religions, but united in its pursuit of nations goals. Reaching developed nation status is a prime objective. At the same time, The Globalist highlights Malaysians who have achieved international status as business leaders, exporters, sportsmen and women, in the arts and science and in the academic fields.


  • To project Malaysia as a leading developing nation
  • To highlight major achievement by Malaysia and Malaysian
  • To create a greater awareness of Malaysian products overseas
  • To help create wider markets for Made in Malaysia products and innovations
  • To highlight succesful Malaysians
  • To project leading Malaysian companies
  • To play a meaningful role in the overall development of the nation.
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